Faculty Senator Emails (updated 29 April 2013)

A full list of Queen’s Senate emails is elsewhere; this list compiles 35 Faculty Senator emails, as of 29 April 2013, as given on the Senate Membership webpage.

hirdm@queensu.ca, kyser@geol.queensu.ca, ferguss@queensu.ca, pf5@queensu.ca, harkness@queensu.ca, a.chowdhury@queensu.ca, scott.lamoureux@queensu.ca, morelli@queensu.ca, jonesmc@queensu.ca, bakhurst@queensu.ca, garvie@econ.queensu.ca, gregory.jerkiewicz@queensu.ca, martin@cs.queensu.ca, chris.moyes@queensu.ca, trothent@queensu.ca, william.egnatoff@queensu.ca, liying.cheng@queensu.ca, lynda.colgan@queensu.ca, remenda@geol.queensu.ca, colin@civil.queensu.ca, oosthuiz@me.queensu.ca, desouza-e@mine.queensu.ca, pilkey@me.queensu.ca, s.yousefi@queensu.ca, abdollah@kgh.kari.net, mauriced@queensu.ca, jennifer.medves@queensu.ca, terry.krupa@queensu.ca, wardc@queensu.ca, pardyb@queensu.ca, nm4@queensu.ca, ddetomasi@business.queensu.ca, kbrohman@business.queensu.ca, lpurda@business.queensu.ca, pmurphy@business.queensu.ca, paul.young@queensu.ca

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