Justice Frank Iacobucci, Opinion Re: The Senate’s role in Queen’s University governance (12 November 2012)

As made available to Queen’s Senators on Qshare, 14 November 2012,  pursuant to the motion approved in Queen’s Senate, 28 February 2012

That the Senate obtain independent legal advice from a law firm with experience dealing with public law issues that answers the following questions:

In general, what is the authority and responsibility of Queen’s Senate with respect to decisions that are intrinsically academic in nature or that have significant academic impacts?

And in particular,

1. Whether the Senate is legally required to consider and approve any decision that will result in the closure of an academic program;

2. Whether the Senate is legally required to consider and approve any decision which may result in the closure of an academic program, including a suspension of enrolment; and

3. Whether the Senate is legally required to consider and approve any decision to merge academic units or that will result in the merger of an academic program with an academic unit.

Justice Iacobucci Opinion re Queen’s Governance (12 Nov 2012)

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Annette Burfoot, Statement in Support of Senate Motion for Curriculum Committee Approval of all For-Credit Courses, Programs, and Activities (30 October 2012)

By Professor Annette Burfoot (Sociology).  As read in Queen’s Senate in support of the motion, 30 October 2012; posted by permission. (The motion was voted down, 25-20.)

When I began work at Queens in 1989, serving in Senate was a privilege to be earned and attendance at Faculty Board was assigned to all members of my department on a rotation basis.  We were enough full time faculty that we each attended only twice a year. Working on the Faculty Curriculum Committee was an onerous job (all new courses and substantial course changes went through this committee) and it took time as its members carefully deliberated over each case. Continue reading

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Submissions to the Agenda Committee for October Senate (16 October 2012)

The following questions and motions have been submitted to the Senate Agenda Committee for its consideration for the October 30 meeting of Queen’s Senate.

Question for the Provost concerning the CAUT Report on the University’s treatment of Michael Mason Continue reading

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Open Letter to Provost Harrison: Request for Written Report on Provost’s Office Investigation of Allegations of Research Misconduct at Queen’s and HEQCO (26 September 2012)

As emailed to Provost Alan Harrison by Mark Jones and Jordan Morelli, Faculty Senators for Arts and Science, 26 September 2012.  As of 16 April 2013, no answer has ever been received, and no written report on the Provost’s “investigation” has been published.

Dear Provost Harrison:

We are writing to ask whether your report to Senate yesterday constitutes the final report on your office’s investigation of the allegations of research misconduct at Queen’s and HEQCO, and in any case to request that you publish a written text of your final report.


Mark Jones, Faculty Senator for Arts and Science

Jordan Morelli, Faculty Senator for Arts and Science

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September Senate Notes (26 September 2012)

The following notes are not comprehensive and are not meant to usurp the place of official minutes, only to inform members of significant developments pending the appearance of the official draft minutes next month.

Senate met on 25 September (see agenda).  Most of its business was routine, but several matters of interest arose in the Principal’s and Provost’s reports and in their answers to questions. Continue reading

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SFC Meeting Monday, 24 September, 405 Douglas Library

The first Senate Faculty Caucus meeting for the new academic year will be Monday, 24 September, at 2:30 p.m. in Room 405 in Douglas Library (on the ground floor). Continue reading

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Please Respond to SCAD re Suspensions Document (11 September 2012)

As emailed by Mark Jones to campus lists, 11 September 2012:

Dear Colleagues,

If you believe that Queen’s should follow regular consultative procedures before suspending admissions to academic programs (and this should include all who were concerned about the BFA issue last year):

Please respond to the notice forwarded below.  SCAD has graciously extended the deadline to 28 September. Continue reading

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