QUFA Responds to SCAD re Suspensions of Admissions (27 August 2012)

Queen’s Senate Committee on Academic Development (SCAD) presented Senate with an “Interim Report” and a Draft of its “Recommended Procedures for the Suspension of Admissions to Academic Programs” last May (see Senate Minutes, 22 May 2012, AppEb).  It requested responses with a deadline of 17 September.

Paul Young emailed the Queen’s University Faculty Association (QUFA) response to SCAD today, with copies to all Senators.  QUFA’s response includes both a critique of the SCAD Draft and a proposed re-draft, as follows (with the re-draft in two copies, one clean and one showing changes):

QUFA Response to SCAD re Suspension of Admissions (Aug 2012)

QUFA Proposed Redraft re Suspension of Admissions

QUFA Proposed Redraft re Suspension of Admissions (showing changes)

SCAD’s draft is pursuant to a Senate motion of January 2012  (Minutes, p. 7), which, in turn, was inspired by the recent announcement that the Faculty of Arts and Science had suspended admissions to its Bachelor of Fine Art program. That announcement was made in early November 2011 without prior consultation of Faculty Board or Senate; the story was in fact broken by national media before it could be  discussed in either Faculty Board or Senate.  The Senate motion, presented by Senator Campbell of the AMS, was just one of many expressions of concern about the lapse in academic consultation and process.

QUFA’s response makes three main points:  (1) that the Procedures should be framed more as procedures for decision-making and less as procedures for announcement of decisions already taken; (2) that they should make more explicit provision for consultation with Faculty Boards and Queen’s Senate (which has explicit authority over academic matters); and (3) that Queen’s needs a parallel document stating proper academic procedure for considering closures of academic programs.

Senate members and others are encouraged to respond to SCAD on this important issue of academic governance before the deadline of 17 September. Responses can be sent to SCAD Secretary P. Watkin at watkinm@queensu.ca.  Senators may also copy their responses to the Senators list at  senators-L@lists.queensu.ca.

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