A Motion concerning the Academic Plan (13 March 2012)

As submitted to the Senate Agenda Committee by Mark Jones, Faculty Senator for Arts and Science, on 13 March 2012, for the 27 March meeting of Senate. See also Queen’s Bowdlerized Plan: An Open Letter to the Principal and the Provost (11 March 2012), Principal Woolf’s Response, and a response to Principal Woolf. The motion below was omitted from the Senate Agenda because the Principal promised on 20 March to replace the two misleading documents with the complete Plan in one file, and to withdraw the glossy brochure version “from further circulation.”

I move that, to avoid misrepresentation, Senate direct the Secretariat that the “Queen’s University Academic Plan 2011,” approved by Senate in November 2011, be published only under the exact title under which it was approved; that it be published as a whole, in one electronic file or one physical volume, rather than in separate parts; and that any publication bearing the title “Queen’s University Academic Plan 2011” include the whole text.

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