Notice of Motion Concerning the Official Grading System of Queen’s University (May 2011)

As sent by Jordan Morelli to the Senate office, 19 May 2011:

Whereas at the May 20, 2009, meeting of the Queen’s University Senate, Senate passed Motion 09-42, moved by Senator LaFleche and seconded by Senator Deane,

“that Queen’s adopt an official grading system of letter grades with Grade Point Average (GPA), as depicted in Appendix 1 of the report (attached). Faculties and Schools may choose not to assign all of the grades in the full scale which will be so noted in the legend of the official transcript. A top GPA of 4.0 will correspond to the highest achievable grade of A+, with the accompanying descriptor that A+ denotes exceptional academic achievement,”

by a vote of 20 in favour, 10 opposed, with 4 abstentions; and

Whereas this Motion was passed at a May meeting when the Chair (Principal Williams), the Vice Chair (Senator Stairs), and many of the Student Senators were absent; and

Whereas no Notice for this rather important Motion had been given beforehand; and

Whereas the official grading system of letter grades with GPA, as was depicted in Appendix 1, is no longer what is being implemented; and

Whereas Senate has not approved the alteration to what was depicted in Appendix 1; and

Whereas many members of the Senate expressed dissenting opinions and concerns, many of which are now being borne out; and

Whereas both the current system of letter grades with GPA and the system that was presented in Appendix 1 with the original May 20, 2009, motion have a direct one-to-one mapping; and

Whereas it seems reasonable to expect that any data management system, especially one that costs over $30 million, should be able to handle both percentage grades and letter grades / GPAs if so required; and

Whereas there is no national or international standard for GPAs;

Therefore be it resolved that Senate rescind Motion 09-42 and implement an official grading system that includes, at a minimum, both percentage grades and letter grades.

Moved by Senator Morelli

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