Notes for the Senate Faculty Caucus Meeting (22 March 2011)

As emailed by Mark Jones to Faculty Caucus Members, 20 March 2011:

Dear Colleagues,

The Senate Faculty Caucus will meet in 207 Watson Hall at 9 a.m. Tuesday, 22 March, to discuss the Senate agenda for 24 Mar. Please email the list if you have issues you wish to discuss. I suggest the following Senate agenda items as possible topics:

1. Items 2.1, 3.2: Academic Planning Task Force and the Academic Plan (Jordan Morelli’s questions, the activity of the task force, its discussion questions for Senate)

2. Item 3.1.a: Proposal for a new unit in the Faculty of Arts and Science: The Department of Languages, Literatures and Cultures. Queries: Should the SFC recommend that the new unit name include “linguistics”? Why is “linguistics” omitted? Will its omission from the name of the amalgamated unit make linguistics more liable to be discontinued?

3. Item 3.4.a: SORC Notice of Motion for a newly revised Functions of Senate document (to be discussed and voted on at April 28 Senate).

4. Item 3.6.a: Working Group Notice of Motion for a Revised Harassment/Discrimination Complaint Policy and Procedure (to be discussed and voted on at April 28 Senate). (I attach a file that explains several concerns I have about this revised document, especially about the way its definition of “members of the University community” seems to rule out administrators as possible subjects of harassment/discrimination complaints (see sec. 1a-b).)

Revised Human Rights Policy – Some Concerns

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