Notice of Motion for Senate of 20 January 2011 (6 January 2011)

Notice of Motion for Senate of 20 Jan. 2011
Senator Christie

Given that SORC gave notice on 25 November 2010 of a motion to approve its proposed revision of the 1982 “Functions of the Senate” document (item III.5.b in the 25 Nov. 2010 Senate Agenda);

Given that “Functions of the Senate” is a foundational document and that the contemplated revisions are extensive, significant, and potentially contentious (as suggested by two commentaries by Mark Jones (Faculty Senator) and by David Mullan (one of the nation’s foremost administrative lawyers) posted on the Senate Faculty Caucus Blog); and

Given that the SORC motion does not include rationales for the many proposed revisions and does not present them in a fashion amenable to analysis and discussion;

I move that Senate refer SORC’s proposed revision of “Functions of the Senate” back to SORC with a request for a Report including (1) detailed justification of the proposed revisions, both in general and on an item-by-item basis, and (2) a fuller explanation of how SORC’s proposed revisions have taken “into consideration the recent establishment of new committees and processes (i.e. QUPC, IQAP) and the impact of these on the existing statement of Senate functions.”

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