David Mullan, Analysis of SORC’s Proposed Revisions to “Functions of the Senate” (6 January 2011)

On 25 November 2010, the Senate Operations Review Committee (SORC) gave notice of a motion to approve extensive revisions to the foundational “Functions of the Senate” document. Observing that SORC should have included point-by-point analysis with rationales for its proposed revisions, Mark Jones provided a parallel analysis with commentary and asked SORC to provide the rationales. Queen’s University Faculty Association (QUFA) was sufficiently concerned by the nature of the proposal that it sought the opinion of Professor Emeritus David Mullan, one of the nation’s foremost administrative lawyers. His analysis appears in a pdf file below. See also Professor Mullan’s related Discussion Paper on the Governance Structure at Queen’s (November 2009); the background to that document can be found in this preface posted on the Real Academic Planning blog.

David Mullan-Analysis of SORC Revisions to Functions of the Senate (6 Jan 2011)

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